Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Salvaged - Vintage Clothes Hangers

Things have been a bit crazy in my neck of the woods. My youngest has had two rounds of the flu in less than a month and there's just a lot going on (to say the least)... I've got a lot of ideas and projects in the works, but the next few weeks I'll be doing some quick and easy blog posts. I'm hoping you will still find them full of inspiration!

Today I'm sharing a few pictures of a cool way to re purpose old wooden clothes hangers. I found these ones at my local thrift store for 50 cents each. I thought about painting or embellishing them (I may eventually do that down the track) but decided to leave them as is for now.

Paired with some of my favorite black & white (printed at home) photographs that I took of my son when he was a wee one, this idea is by far the cheapest thing on my walls. You can hang these up with thumb tacks like I did, or even with a nail or decorative hook.

With the cost of the printing, paper and the 50 cent hangers, this project totals less than $2. Not bad at all!