Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fabric Scrap Banners

I made these fabric banners over a year ago when I was creating handmade items to sell at a school craft fair with a good friend. I wanted to use up lots of random scraps of fabric. I created a lot of banners in a few different color palettes but the yellow and orange banners were by far my favorite. 

The leftover banners had been sitting in a box for quite some time and I finally decided to pull them out and use a few to decorate the window in my sons room. We are currently renting so my decorating options are limited and I don't want to spend a fortune on temporary window treatments in a rental property. So this seemed like a great solution to brighten up a kids bedroom. 

The banners were super easy to create. I created a cardboard template for the various pennant banner shapes and then used the templates to trace onto the fabric. With a good quality pair of scissors you can easily cut a few pieces of fabric at a time. I left the edges raw (I kind of like the frayed look anyway) and just sewed the top edges over a piece of hemp twine. 

The mistake I made (but didn't really realize until I hung the banners) was that I did each banner almost identical in the order of the fabric designs. When I was sewing the banners I had piles of the cut banner pieces and would pull them in the same order when sewing each banner. So now that the three banners are hanging up, you can see in the pictures that the pennants in each banner are mostly in the same order. Not a huge deal but if I was to redo the project I would mix the pieces up so it doesn't look too uniform.

These are a quick and easy project to create, not just for fun home decor but also for decorating parties. You can also embellish them with stamped letters, ribbons and more.