Friday, November 21, 2014

Quick and Easy Couch Pillow Covers - from Anthro Napkins

Originally these Anthropologie napkins were $8 each. The four of them would of cost $32. It's doubtful I would ever spend that much on cloth napkins since we would very rarely used them in our house. I would however, spend that much on tea towels. Anyhow, with these napkins being on major clearance at $1.95 each combined with the Anthro 15% off birthday discount, I snatched the four of them up at a great price. Yeehaw!

I love the fabric designs and knew when I purchased them that I would use them in a project instead of using them as "actual napkins" and getting them too dirty. The fabric is just too pretty to dirty them up! It turns out these napkins were a perfect match for some Ikea throw pillows I had.

I honestly didn't put a lot of effort into this project. I didn't measure anything or even use pins. All you need to do is put two napkins together with both the right sides facing inwards and then sew three edges together. Turn the pillow covers out the right way and insert the pillow. Then just hand sew some "sew on snaps" onto the open side and then snap them shut. That's all there is to it. They add a fun pop of color to my couch. So next time you see cute, clearance napkins - you know it's OK to buy them!