Thursday, November 27, 2014

Vintage Milk Glass Craft Supplies Storage

Just a quick post today since it's a busy week and I'm spending the holiday at a friends house for Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for a lot of things, the number one thing I'm thankful for is my family (and my health), they tie for first place...

I've got a bit of a ridiculous collection of milk glass happening these days. Most of it I have purchased for crazy cheap prices at thrift stores, and there are a few pieces that I fell in love with that I picked up from my favorite local antique store (and paid only a little more for). Eventually I want to get some kind of cool shelf or cabinet to organize and display my collection, I just have to find the right piece of furniture. I've been thinking of opening a small online store to start selling a bunch of my extra milk glass, and other random things I've been hoarding. That is one of the goals for the new year!

Recently we moved into a rental house and we have a spare room in the basement that I have kind of half claimed as the "craft room." It's of course also packed with toys as my kids are usually in there with me, but its nice to have a space to spread out and finally start crafting again.

I was setting up a few tables in the room and as I was unpacking my craft supplies I felt a bit overwhelmed about how to organize my things. Then I had one of those "well DER" moments and remembered my random milk glass vases and dishes that I had sitting in a few boxes. So I started unpacking the milk glass and adding tapes and pens and other random supplies in them.

So you see, it all works out. I was hoarding for a reason. I just didn't really know it at the time. Happy Hoarding things you love, Happy Crafting and of course Happy Thanksgiving!