Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Card Hoopla

I really admire the people that manage to get picture perfect, catalog worthy family photographs every year for their holiday card. I find it practically impossible. I really would love an awesome Christmassy, festive photo to use for a holiday card and every year I have good intentions to try and do just that.

But with school coming to and end, organizing gifts, get togethers, making sure a tiny elf appears daily creatively in our house all the other holiday craziness (and of course this new blogging hobby) it's just really difficult to throw in a professional portrait session...

The past two years I've used a collage style card with various pictures from throughout the year. In 2013 I did a DIY one using fotor.com and printed them at Staples. It was a little time consuming so this year I took advantage of the crazy cheap prices at vistaprint.com.

On black Friday Vista Print had their 60% off sale (they do really good sales frequently) so I created our card fairly quickly and easily and ordered them at about 11:45pm before the sale ended (that was fun). I just received them on Saturday and sent most of them off yesterday, cross that off the to-do list! Anyhow if you're close friends and family then "surprise" this is what is coming to your mailbox soon:

Happy Holidays for 2014!