Saturday, December 6, 2014

Washi Christmas Tree Wall

We decided this Christmas to try a live "potted" Christmas tree. For years we used the same fake Christmas tree and then last Christmas, two days before Christmas our fake tree all of a sudden just snapped in half and broke. I was emotional enough at the time with holiday craziness and stress in general and this topped it off. So I cried. It seemed like a Christmas tragedy...

Although I was pretty upset, looking back its pretty funny really... So two days before Christmas we are "tree-less" and decided to go to the local Christmas tree farm. The good thing about getting your real tree so close to Christmas is that you are for sure the only people at the tree farm. And so for the first time we tried a real tree. And it turned out to be pretty much perfect. Picking out the tree, the smell, all that good stuff. I feel like I don't ever want to go back to fake one.

As much as I wanted to do the "big" fake tree again this year we decided (for a few reasons - long story) to try a real but "potted" live Christmas tree. We found this little tree for $10 at Home Depot. It's a little quirky I know but everyone seems excited (this novelty may wear off soon).

While we were decorating it, even though we were excited for its uniqueness I felt like it was a bit lonely so I decided to add a bit of whimsy to the wall behind it and create some additional Christmas trees with washi tape on the wall.

I've seen a lot of ideas online for washi wall Christmas trees but until this year never really had the right wall space/spot for one. The great thing about this idea is that washi tape comes off so easily and won't mark the walls.

So I went to town on the trees and then used some circle and star punches with the We R Memory Makers washi paper to create the ornaments. So its looking a bit more festive and fun now. Please note - don't "surprise" your eight year old and do this while they're at school like I did. Because apparently they will just come home and be annoyed you did it without them. Lesson learned. And please excuse the not-so-great pictures. This spot is really hard to capture good lighting any time of the day...