Monday, December 15, 2014

Natural Christmas Wrap Inspriation

I'm a kraft paper nut. Just a paper lover in general. I love to give gifts and I love to wrap them. A poorly wrapped present just looks well poor... And won't get the gift recipient very excited. Except for little kids. They don't seem to care much up wrapping lol.

I was wrapping these presents for a good friend and had to add a little something special. So in addition to these "brown paper packages tied up with string" I added two more simple details to each package. I slipped a mini vintage music card under the twine on each package. I found a stack of these for 50c at the thrift store. Then I attacked our little Christmas tree and clipped off some of the larger stems. I rolled them into circles and tied them onto the packages to create these mini wreaths. All done.

Theres something warm and fuzzy about these presents, including whats inside. The presents that are really fun to buy, are for the people that love exactly the same things you do.